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Teen’s Fantasy

Teen’s Fantasy
WARNING … This story contains graphic descriptions of sex among
adults, pre-teens, & children, between adults, pre-teens, & children. If you
find this offensive stop reading now.
The sign on his desk read “Newton Simpson, Manager.” Betsy
Morrison’s dark brown eyes left the sign and went back to the
handsome man behind the desk. The dark, slender twelve-year-old
felt a trembling tension in her tummy. This was the first time
she’d ever tried to apply for a real job, no wonder she was
Newton Simpson looked up from the application that Betsy had
just filled out. He was handsome, a little plump, and too well
fed. But his black hair was full and neatly combed and he wore a
loud but expensive sports coat. In short, he looked just like what
he was, a successful manager of a large motion picture theater.
“It says here that you’re sixteen, is that right, Betsy?” The
little girl tried to smile and look casual under the man’s knowing
“Yes . . . sixteen,” Betsy lied.
Mr. Simpson nodded and raised one eyebrow.
Betsy could see that he knew she wasn’t telling the truth but
the twinkle in his eye told her that he wasn’t going to press the
“You understand that your work here would keep you out late?
Does your family know that you wouldn’t be getting home until after
A flicker of a frown crossed the pretty little girl’s face
before she nodded. “There’s just my mother and she says that it
will be all right, at least during the summer,” Betsy said in a low
voice. The pretty girl thought of her mother. Poor Julia, it was
terrible for her, widowed only a few months and finding that the
money from daddy’s insurance didn’t stretch as far as she thought
that it would. They needed the money and her mother would just
have to get used to the idea of her getting home at midnight.
“All right,” Newton Simpson murmured as he pretended to study
her application, but Betsy knew that he was really looking up her
long, hairless legs and under her short skirt. The pretty brunette
felt a warning ripple run along her spine when she realized what
the man was doing and she wished she’d worn the longer skirt than
she had.
It was embarrassing and upsetting, but for the past half year
she noticed that men and bigger boys had started to stare at her
and Betsy wasn’t certain how she should take it. On one hand, she
knew that it was dirty and wrong, but even so she found it sort of
exciting and it made her feel good to know that they were looking
at her budding body.
“I’m not all that sure that you would be willing to work the
extra hours that it requires,” Newton Simpson said, watching Betsy
The pretty preteen girl jerked upright in her chair. She had
to get this job, it was important!
Before she could speak, the theater manager went on, his eyes
never leaving her as he did: “Of course there are . . . opportuni-
ties for an . . . eager young lady, such as yourself, to make a
good deal of money here at the Majestic, but it does take work and
long hours.”
“Oh, I’d work hard, Mr. Simpson, it’s really important that I
get the job. My mother and I need the extra money!” There was
another reason that Betsy was desperate to be hired. She had been
talking to some friends and had bragged that she already had the
job. What could the girl say if she didn’t?
Seemingly satisfied, Newton Simpson smiled at Betsy and leaned
back in his chair. “Come here, honey,” the man said in a quiet
voice. “I want to take a look at you.”
Betsy was forced to spread her thighs as she uncrossed her
long, coltish legs and it made the pretty little girl blush when
she realized that he could see all the way to her panties when she
“We wear a rather . . . revealing costume here,” Mr. Simpson
purred to her. Betsy felt herself flush again as she nodded.
She’d seen that uniform every time that she came to a movie.
“Please go into the other room and see if we have a uniform that
fits you.”
The manager pointed to a door behind his desk. Pleased that
he was still interested in her for the job, Betsy scurried to the
door and up to a rack of freshly cleaned usherette costumes.
Without a moment’s thought or hesitation, the slender girl
unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. The pretty brunette
stared at the uniform tops and shook her head as she looked down at
her own, cupcake-sized breasts. She had more than any of the other
twelve-year-olds that she knew, but she would have to do something
to fill any of these uniforms out.
Still concerned about her lack of the large, creamy breasts
that she wished she had, the young girl unsnapped her skimpy skirt
and let it drop to her feet. All that Betsy wore was a filmy pair
of blue panties and she shivered as the cooler air of the room
bathed her slim figure from head to toe. The girl was so intent on
finding a uniform small enough for her that she didn’t stop to
think where that draft came from. She didn’t notice the door
behind her quietly swing open to allow Mr. Simpson to step in and
sit in the large chair in the center of the room.
At last, Betsy found one uniform that looked small enough and,
taking it from the rack, she turned, planning to try it on.
“Ohhh! I . . . I didn’t know that you would be here, Mr.
Simpson!” She was so embarrassed! The slim little girl clutched
the plastic shrouded uniform in her hands and tried to hide her
naked body from the man’s glistening eyes. “I . . . I’m not . . .
dressed yet!”
Mr. Simpson nodded, only the faintest hint of a smile
flickered at the corners of his lips. He made no move to leave.
All he did was sit there and stare at Betsy until the trembling
girl was sure that he could see through the small uniform that she
was holding in front of her.
“Betsy,” Mr. Simpson said as he crooked his finger and
motioned for her to come to him.
The surprised girl began to inch toward him, but she was still
terribly uncertain.
“Come here, honey,” the man said. This time, his voice was
stronger, more commanding. “Let’s get something straight between
us. I know that you’re not old enough for this job and I know that
you want it pretty bad.”
Betsy nodded, her wide dark eyes never left Mr. Simpson’s face
as she obeyed him and came a few feet closer.
“Am I right? You aren’t old enough, are you really?”
For a second, Betsy was tempted to bluff her way, but then her
courage failed and she hung her head and shrugged helplessly.
“Do you really need this job? |–(`I` IS NOT USUALLY FOLLOWED
BY `MEAN`.)–| I mean do you need this job bad enough to . . . be
nice to me and do what you’re told?”
The poor little girl was stunned! Betsy looked at the theater
owner with bulging eyes. He hadn’t said it in so many words, but
the girl knew what he was asking! Simpson smiled and nodded.
“That’s right, I’m asking if you want this badly enough to have a
little fun with me from time to time.” The handsome man shifted in
his chair and instantly Betsy knew why. The shocked pre-teener
could see the front of his pants pushing out as his penis grew
erect and hard!!
Betsy flushed and made a small sound deep in her throat as she
stared at Mr. Simpson. She knew what a hard prick looked like.
She had a friend, Dickie Webber, and they had been playing . . .
games in her garage for over a year. They had not done much, and
nothing that they’d done in their fumbling, groping, and touching
made her ready to handle the situation she was faced with now!
“I . . . we need the money,” the little girl whispered as she
stared at the man. Besides that, Betsy could imagine the scornful
looks on her friends’ faces when she had to confess that she didn’t
have the job and the picture made her feel just awful! “But I . .
.I don’t know if . . . I’ve never done anything like that before .
. . I’m afraid.”
Betsy saw the excitement rising in Mr. Simpson’s face and she
was surprised to feel a strong, pounding sensation in her own
untried body.
“No, I didn’t think you had,” Newton Simpson breathed as he
stared greedily at the lovely, slender girl before him. “If you do
go to work for me this summer you could work at night and on two
mornings a week we have meetings of the Film Classics Club. If you
worked those mornings that would mean even more money for you and
then, if you work out all right, there are . . . other ways for you
to make money. A lot of it.”
The handsome man’s face was even and calm as he asked again,
“Do you want the job, little girl? I think that your mother would
like all that extra money. I’m sure she would.”
Betsy began to tremble. She was so upset that she didn’t know
what to say.
Mr. Simpson solved the problem for the startled child, he
leaned forward and calmly took the uniform out of Betsy’s nerveless
fingers and then motioned for her to come to him.
The shocked little girl stood before the man dressed only in
a tight, nearly transparent pair of panties. Betsy shuddered. She
was so aware of his stare that she could feel his eyes creeping up
her slender thighs and over the plump, hairless folds of her virgin
Betsy wasn’t certain how it happened. She felt herself moving
and looked down in amazement as her bare thighs carried her forward
far enough for Mr. Simpson to take her hand and pull. The
trembling little girl was so close that their knees touched and she
had a clear view of the straining bulge in his slacks.
“Don’t be afraid,” the handsome man said in a soft voice.
“You and I can have a lot of fun together. I can show you things
that you never knew about before.” His fingers tightened around
her wrist as he stared at her near naked body. Betsy was shiver-
ing. It was caused by the excitement and the delicious feeling of
fear and anticipation that raced along her nerves. The man had
positioned her far back on his lap. The nervous little girl’s back
was pressed against his chest and, what was shocking, she could
feel his stiffening, bulging sexual member pressing up against the
thin seat of her panties!
“Mr. Simpson? I . . . I don’t think . . .” Betsy didn’t have
a chance to finish her meek protest. The handsome man hugged her
close and began to whisper in her ear. Each word that Newton spoke
to Betsy calmed and settled the nervous little girl.
“Shhhh, Betsy. There’s nothing to be afraid of! I won’t hurt
you. All I want to do is make you feel good.” The nearly naked
pre-teener shivered, but didn’t try to struggle, even when the
man’s warm hands moved to her bare shoulders, then down. He used
a slow, circular movement and with each circle that his hands made
over her flesh they dropped lower.
“Haven’t you ever let some nice boy do this for you?” the man
asked. His voice was deep and husky. “You’re such a pretty little
thing. Hasn’t someone ever put their hands here and squeezed you?”
Betsy gasped and stiffened. Mr. Simpson’s warm, soft palms
were completely covering the firm little melons of her budding
breasts and their pressure felt SO nice!
“Tell me, honey,” the man persisted. “Haven’t you taken your
clothes off for some other man or some kid and let them have you?”
Betsy wiggled uncomfortably, she didn’t want to tell the man
about Dickie. Besides, he didn’t really count. “No, I never did
this before.” It wasn’t really a lie. She’d never sat on a man’s
lap while he kissed her slender neck and gently squeezed and played
with her small breasts like this before!
“I’m glad that I’m the first,” Newton sighed. As the man
spoke, one of his warm hands dropped away from Betsy’s hard little
breast and began to creep down over her flat belly. The man used
one hand, moving from one sharp nipple to the other. Each time
that he pinched and gently pulled at one, Betsy would sigh and
wiggle a little against his bone hard erection.
“I can show you some ways to make you feel good, honey. I can
show you some tricks that you won’t believe!” He sounded excited,
Betsy made a soft moaning sound when his fingers reached the
elastic waistband of her panties and dipped underneath.
“Do you play with yourself, sometimes? Do you put your
fingers in your tight little pussy, baby?”
Betsy felt herself blushing furiously. She wiggled uncomfort-
ably as she nodded. “Yes,” the pretty little brunette whispered.
“Last year a girl in my class showed me how to do it. My mother
says that it’s not a nice thing to do . . . but I still do it,
Mr. Simpson chuckled, his fingers were slowly working down
over the silky flesh of her belly. The slender twelve-year-old
knew where they were headed and the thought made the plump lips of
her hairless little slot feel all puffy and hot.
“All mothers tell their children that playing with themselves
is wrong, but it isn’t. All playing with yourself does is make you
feel good, right?”
Betsy would have answered him, but at that very instant his
forefinger found the smooth swell of her immature pussy and forced
its way between the lips. “Ummmmm, you’re getting wet,” Newton
murmured, pinching one of Betsy’s pebble-hard nipples. “You like
this, don’t you?”
The trembling little girl didn’t know what to say. Betsy knew
that what she was letting the man do wasn’t nice, but she and her
mother did need the money, and it did feel good! “Yes, it’s nice,”
Betsy whispered and she was rewarded when the man’s finger began to
twirl and press against the tight mouth of her tight little cunt,
sending hot, blazing jolts of pleasure radiating out through her
suddenly overheated body!
Betsy gasped and wiggled. She felt Mr. Simpson’s hard-on
rubbing against her and boldly pressed her firm, high-riding
buttocks against it, making the handsome man groan with pleasure.
“Have you ever seen a man’s cock? Have you ever been close to
one when it’s hard and held it in your hands?” Mr. Simpson’s breath
tickled her ear and sent chills of pleasure racing up and down
Betsy’s spine. “I want you to hold my prick, Betsy! Will you do
that for me?”
Before she could even think of what to say, the shocked little
girl heard her voice rising. “Yes! I mean . . . I guess . . . If
you promise not to hurt me.”
“Oh, no! I don’t want to hurt you, honey,” the eager manager
whispered as he lifted the surprised twelve-year-old off his lap
and stood her on her unsteady feet. “You’re going to like this!
Now let’s get these off first.” Betsy’s hands shook as she helped
the man pull her tight panties off and slip them down over her
slender thighs.
Looking down, the little girl was surprised and a bit
embarrassed when she saw the wet spot on her crotch piece and
realized that her tight little cunt was sending down a warm coating
of lubricant.
Mr. Simpson had left his jacket in his office. The man leaned
back in his chair and smiled boldly at the shocked twelve-year-old
as he calmly unbuckled his belt and unzipped the front of his
Without hesitation, the lovely little girl pressed closer and
watched as the theater manager popped the snaps on his shorts and
pulled his stiff, hard penis into view! A small sighing sound
oozed out of her throat as Betsy stared intently at Mr. Simpson’s
big dong straining in his fist.
“Oh, my! I thought that Dickie’s hard penis was big,” the
excited little girl thought, “but Mr. Simpson’s is three times as
large!!” A tingling, itching sensation flickered to life deep in
the untouched depths of Betsy’s virgin love sheath. She knew how
babies were made and what men and women did together in bed. The
idea that the man would want to put that big, swollen-looking penis
inside of her frightened Betsy, but it was an exciting, bubbly kind
of fright and she didn’t back off.
“I know it’s wrong,” the girl told herself, “but we need the
money and I want the job!” She was hiding part of the truth from
herself. Betsy knew it, but she was having such an exciting time
that she didn’t want to think about any of that now!
Mr. Simpson had pushed his shorts and slacks down past his
knees and he sat half naked in his chair, smiling at her while he
pumped his hand up and down his big, scary pole. Betsy trembled as
her dark eyes moved from the round, hair orbs of the man’s heavy
balls, up the white shaft to the red, almost purple knob of his
“Don’t be afraid of it,” Mr. Simpson coaxed. “Just touch it,
that’s all you have to do. Touch it. Take it in your hand!”
The little girl could hear the sound of the handsome man’s
quick breathing and knew that he was excited. Somehow, knowing
that gave her the nerve that she needed to reach out and brush the
tips of her fingers against his vein-wreathed shaft.
Slipping an arm around the naked twelve-year-old’s waist, the
excited man lifted Betsy easily and put him back on his lap. Betsy
felt funny and kind of embarrassed when she felt the naked cheeks
of her bottom rubbing against Mr. Simpson’s hairy legs. The man
was guiding her hand to his hard pole and she leaned back in the
crook of his other arm as he taught her how to curl her slim
fingers around him and squeeze hard on his thick penis!!
“Ooohhh, that feels good,” Newton Simpson whispered in Betsy’s
Betsy sat on one of Mr. Simpson’s thighs. He had spread his
legs a little and pulled her back so that it was easy for the
interested pre-teener to work her fist up and down him. Her hooked
thumb brushed against his naked thigh while he taught her how to
masturbate him.
“Just like that, up and down, honey. Squeeze it a little
tighter, umm hummmm, perfect!” The handsome man groaned as Betsy
increased the pace and made her fist pop up and down in his lap.
“There now, that isn’t so bad, is it? You like to play with
my cock, don’t you?” While he spoke, Newton’s hand slipped back
between Betsy’s warm thighs and gently pressed them apart.
A warm, delicious feeling caused Betsy to tear her eyes away
from the man’s big cock. The naked little girl watched as a thick,
hairy forefinger parted the bald lips of her vulva and dipped into
the clear, glistening moisture that was seeping out of her. Betsy
could see the small, firm nubbin of her baby clitoris and shuddered
with excitement and pleasure as the fingertip pressed hard against
Dickie had touched her there and it had been good, but never
this good! Betsy’s firm little ass wiggled and she pumped even
harder at Mr. Simpson’s big cock as he aroused her! It only took
a minute or perhaps two for the excited man’s probing finger to
strike a flame in the pretty child’s belly. The flame burned away
any last shreds of doubt and resistance.
“Ohhhh! That’s nice,” Betsy breathed softly. Mr. Simpson’s
hand left her hard, swollen little breasts and pressed against the
edge of her chin, turning her pretty face so that he could kiss
At first, the naked little girl didn’t know what to do when
she felt his wet, slippery tongue pressing between her soft lips.
Then, the man’s finger began a rapid twirling movement in her tight
little pussy. Betsy gasped and when her jaw opened, Mr. Simpson’s
tongue pushed its way into her mouth and began to flick at the
pointed tip of her own pink little probe.
The naked twelve-year-old shuddered. Mr. Simpson’s tongue
made her feel all funny and shaky as it slid in and out of her
mouth. Some inborn instinct guided her and Betsy was glad because
it was even nicer when her pink lips tightened around the tongue
and she learned to suck on it!!
Mr. Simpson made a groaning sound, and his cock jerked and
swelled even larger in her fist. Betsy felt something warm and
slippery dripping down on her fingers. The girl knew what it was.
Dickie’s skinny prick got wet when she played with it, too. Drops
of clear juice would leak out of the slit on top of his cock, but
never so much! The excited little girl moaned and Mr. Simpson’s
finger fluttered back and forth over the hard stub of her clit as
her thumb lifted and rubbed hard against the cock’s meaty glans.
“Damn, but you learn fast,” Mr. Simpson groaned happily.
Betsy giggled but didn’t miss a stroke as her small hand flew
up and down his jerking pole of flesh. The rapid pumping motion
that she was using caused warm drops of the man’s love lubricant to
splash on her naked thighs. Betsy liked the feel of it on her and
enjoyed seeing it glitter on her milk white flesh.
Mr. Simpson’s finger had found the tight neck of her vagina
and it was slowly forcing its way into her. Betsy groaned as her
tight, wet opening was stretched but she made no effort to pull
away because the man’s thumb was lightly strumming against the
burning clitoris all the while that his twisting finger advanced.
“God! You are a virgin! I didn’t think that there were any
Betsy felt her cheeks burn as she blushed. The naked child
hid her embarrassment by forcing her tired little hand and arm to
jerk faster and faster on his slippery prick.
“I’ll make it nice,” Mr. Simpson groaned in her ear.
Betsy sighed and began to roll her slim hips as the fingers
that moved in her hairless pussy made her feel better and better!
“I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll scream for more!”
The man’s wet tongue worked in and out of her ear, down the
nape of her neck and across her shoulder. Betsy shook. Her small
mouth opened and she moaned with pleasure. The girl’s dark eyes
popped open in surprise and before she actually knew what was
happening inside of her slim body, her climax exploded in a
starburst of pleasure!!!
“Annnnggghhh!!” The naked child moaned and shuddered as her
hot, hairless slit sucked and pulled around Mr. Simpson’s twirling,
pressing finger. “Aaaaiiiieeee!! Ohhh, Mr. Simpson . . .
Betsy’s thighs stiffened, her belly fluttered, and her head
repeatedly banged against Mr. Simpson’s shoulder while the handsome
man’s knowing finger made her slim, beautiful body dance and jerk.
“Go faster . . . aggghhh!! You’re going to make me cum, little
honey,” the handsome man theater manager snorted in her ear.
Betsy’s arm ached but the jolting flashes of joy that were
still exploding between her splayed thighs gave her fresh energy
and the pretty little girl worked as hard as she could to finish
the job that she started.
“Annnnuuuugggghhh!!” His fat cock jumped. Betsy was watching
with fevered interest when the swollen slit in the glans opened and
a long, white jet of hot cum shot in the air and then came
splattering down on her naked thighs and belly. “Oggghhhh . . .
The tired little brunette lay slumped against Mr. Simpson’s
shoulder. She was so exhausted that Betsy hardly took notice as
the man used the fingers of both of his hands to spread his cooling
cum all over her smooth, naked little body.
“You’re going to work out just fine, Betsy,” the man whispered
and kissed her cheek. “I’m going to make sure that you earn a lot
of money for your mommy and have a lot of fun doing it.”
Small warning bells rang in the girl’s mind but she ignored
them as she watched with growing interest while he painted the
still sharp tips of her little nipples with a thick coat of his
sticky semen.
Chapter TWO will be posted soon.
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